Outlook Remote Access Using LogMeIn
LogMeIn is a product that enables you to remotely access your Outlook Contacts, Calendar, etc. from any remote location. It can provide an alternative to Outlook Web Access for those Outlook users not using Microsoft Exchange Server. Download the Article in PDF Format

Accessing a home PC from work or work PC while on trip is a common problem. How often have you arrived at work and realised that you have forgotten important files on your home PC? How often have you sat in an airport lounge wishing you could look up someone's contact details that are stored in your home Outlook contacts?

LogMeIn is a general purpose remote PC Access solution, so it’s not just designed for Outlook users. Essentially it allows you to access your PC remotely from anywhere, so that you can run the applications installed on that PC as if you were sitting in front of it.

And best of all it’s free.

So if you have your whole Contacts list in Outlook at the office and you don't want to duplicate that list at home and then have to worry about trying to keep the 2 lists synchronised, just install LogMeIn on your office PC. Whenever you need to send e-mails to your contacts or update their details while at home (or elsewhere), simply log in to your PC using LogMeIn and open Outlook as if you were sitting at your office desk.

LogMeIn Free gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC.

  • Access your home PC from the office

  • Access your office PC from home

  • 100% FREE to use!

An Alternative to “Offline Mode"

LogMeIn offers an alternative to "offline mode" for users of Outlook-based CRM systems, who need access to their CRM system while away from the office. If you leave your office PC switched on with logmein loaded, you can log in to your office PC and access all your Outlook and CRM data from any location where you can load up Internet Explorer. Many of our MX-Contact users use this with both the Exchange Server Public Folder and SQL Server based editions of MX-Contact.

The advantage of this approach is that updates are “real-time”, i.e. any change a remote user makes is instantly visible to everyone else at the office. With offline mode, these changes would only be seen when the user returns to the office and synchronises his or her changes.

Sign up for your free LogMeIn account at www.logmein.com.