Easy Mail Merge for Outlook
This article looks at Easy Mail Merge for Outlook, a product designed for sending personalised mass e-mails to your Outlook Contacts mailing list. It is intended to help you easily communicate with customers, friends, members, etc. for the purposes of sending them newsletters, invitations, etc. by e-mail to keep them informed about new product features, upcoming events and the like. Download the PDF

The great thing about Easy Mail Merge for Outlook is that it does not maintain its own database like many other products but rather uses the data stored in your Outlook Contacts folders directly. So there is no messy exporting of your Outlook Contacts into another database, and re-importing back into Outlook to update details about invalid e-mail addresses, etc. This makes it perfect when used in conjunction with Outlook CRM products like MX-Contact.

Although Outlook does have a Mail Merge facility built in, it relies on Microsoft Word to do the mail merging, which is great for personalised letters, but can make the process more complex than it needs to be when all you want to do is send personalised e-mails to your contact/customer base.

Download a trial version of Easy Mail Merge.

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