OutlookWise Newsletter 1001

Outlook News, Issues and Articles of Interest

Find old E-Mails fast using Lookout 
Here's a utility that is indispensable for Outlook users. Called Lookout, it enables you to retrieve e-mails stored in multiple folders, sub-folders and Public Folders, almost instantaneously. And best of all it's free. You couldn't ask for a better price/performance ratio. But get it quickly. The company who developed it was acquired by Microsoft in July 2004, so one can't be sure how long it will remain a free download. Read more on-line...

Outlook Tips and Tricks

Modifying the List of Journal Entry Types 
Apart from the normal Categories field that most of us are familiar with, a Journal has an extra field known as Entry Type which classifies the type of Journal being recorded. However, one of the (apparent) drawbacks of using Journal Entry Type as a means of classifying Journals is that you can’t edit or add to the dropdown list for Entry Type. This OutlookWise Tips & Tricks Sheet describes how to change the dropdown list for Journal Entry Types. Read more on line...

Outlook and Exchange Server Add-On Products/Services, Tools and Utilities

Hosted Exchange Server / Managed Exchange Services
Many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and Application Service Providers (ASP's) are now offering Managed Exchange. Simply put, this means that a small business can now utilise the power of Exchange without needing an in-house IT department to manage the Exchange Server for them. We look at the pros and cons of this approach. Read more on-line...

CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation

Profiling your Contacts/Clients - Using Outlook's Forms Designer
Many of us use Outlook's Personal Contacts folder to keep a database of the contacts that we regularly e-mail, phone, etc. Often we need to keep additional information about these contacts, over and above the standard demographic details that Outlook provides, such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Here the Outlook Forms Designer comes to our rescue.
This will be the first in a series of articles (one each month) that takes you from the basics to fairly advanced forms design and scripting.
Read more on-line...

MX-Contact - CRM/Contact Management

New Version of MX-Contact
ExchangeWise has released an update to MX-Contact (www.mxcontact.com), it's comprehensive CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation System for Microsoft Outlook.
This new version 6.01 optimises MX-Contact for use with Outlook 2003's Cached Mode, especially when used in a Managed Exchange or remote Exchange Server environment (discussed above).
ExchangeWise is offering a US $ 50 discount voucher to OutlookWise readers during January/February. The Personal Edition of MX-Contact costs just $49 for this period. E-Mail to request a voucher.

Download the Evaluation Edition of Version 6.01.
Learn more about MX-Contact.