OutlookWise Newsletter 1003

Outlook Tips and Tricks

Updating Multiple Items in Outlook with a Common Field Value 
A common question we are asked is how to update a large number of Outlook items with the same value. For example you may want to update several contacts with the same Category value. As it turns out there is an easier way to achieve this than opening each item individually and editing the relevant field. This OutlookWise Tips & Tricks Sheet describes how to change the value of a field for a number of items simultaneously. Read more on line...

Using the "Hidden" Query Builder Tab in Outlook Views
Outlook Views are an incredibly useful part of Outlook. However, for one reason or another, Microsoft hid the Query Builder tab, which makes it easier to define more complex queries for your Views. This OutlookWise Tips & Tricks Sheet describes how to show this tab and use it to create queries. Read more on line..

Outlook and Exchange Server Add-On Products/Services, Tools and Utilities

Free Outlook Contact Manager 
ExchangeWise is now offering the Personal Edition of its best-selling Outlook-based CRM and Contact Management program absolutely free! This is normally priced at US $ 99. This is an opportunity not to be missed, so act now to secure your very own copy of MX-Contact at no cost. The Personal Edition is a single user version and utilises a standard Outlook Data/Personal Folders folder (.PST) for data storage. You can use MX-Contact to keep track of your companies/contacts in Outlook, organise your club membership list, manage your customer base, send out newsletters to a mailing list, etc. The possibilities are endless. Download your free version here...

CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation

Why CRM Projects Fail - How an Outlook-Based CRM System increases the chances of a Successful Implementation
This articles analyses some of the “human”, i.e. people-related factors that can cause a CRM project to fail. It then looks at why, for those businesses already utilising Microsoft® Outlook® for their day-to-day e-mail, diary and contact management, implementing an Outlook-based CRM system gives you the best chance of overcoming these issues and ensuring a successful CRM implementation. Read more on-line...

MX-Contact - CRM/Contact Management

3 New Versions of MX-Contact
January 26th, 2006: ExchangeWise today announced the release of its SQL Server-based Editions of MX-Contact, its highly successful Outlook-based CRM and Contact Management system. 3 new versions of MX-Contact are now available, namely the SOHO Standard, SOHO Advanced and Enterprise Editions. All 3 have the same Outlook front-end interface as the current Personal/Professional and Workgroup/Corporate Editions of MX-Contact, but store data in a SQL Server database rather than an Outlook Data File (Personal and Professional) or Exchange Server Public Folders (Workgroup and Corporate Editions). Read more on-line...