Modifying the List of Outlook Journal Entry Types

Although Journals seems to be one folder that not many Outlook users seem to use, we have found it indispensable in our own Outlook Add-On MX-Contact for recording details of phone calls, visits, etc.

Apart from the normal Categories field that most of us are familiar with, a Journal has an extra field known as Entry Type which classifies the type of Journal being recorded. However, one of the (apparent) drawbacks of using Journal Entry Type as a means of classifying Journals is that you can’t edit or add to the dropdown list for Entry Type.

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This OutlookWise Tips & Tricks Sheet describes how to do this.

We look at:

1. Using the Journal Entry Type Field

When adding a Journal you use the Entry type dropdown list to classify the type of Journal being recorded. For example to record a phone call you might add a Journal as follows:

To add a new entry to the list follow these Instructions for Changing the List.

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2. Intructions for Changing the List

Follow these steps to add an additional entry to the dropdown list for Entry Type. The example we will use is adding “MSN Session”:

1.         Open the Registry Editor. (Choose Start, Run; enter regedit; and click OK.)

2.         Open the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Outlook\Journaling.

3.         Right-click Journaling and choose New, Key:

4.         Rename the key based on what the new entry type will be. In this case we will name it “MSN Session”.

5.         Right-click the key you just created and choose New, String Value:

6.         Rename the string value Description. Double-click the Description key you’ve just created, and set its Value data field to the text you want to appear in the Entry Types drop-down list, such as MSN Session.

7.         Click on OK. Close the Registry Editor.

After you have edited the registry to add the new entry type, it should appear on the journal entry form in the Entry Type drop-down list:

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