Are you spying on me?

If you would like to know if people have requested read receipts on e-mail messages they've sent you - here's how you can customise your Outlook Inbox so you can see at a glance which messages have read receipts attached.

Step by Step

  1. Open your Outlook Inbox, and on the View menu, point to Toolbars and click Advanced to show the Advanced toolbar.
  2. On the Advanced toolbar, click Field Chooser.
  3. In the Field Chooser drop-down box, select All Mail Fields.
  4. Scroll down until you see Receipt Requested.
  5. Click Receipt Requested and drag it onto the column heading in your Inbox. The double red arrows indicate where the column will be placed when you release the mouse.
  6. Close the Field Chooser box.

Now you'll see a new column in your Inbox with the label Receipt Requested that will have a Yes in it when the message has a read receipt request attached or a No if it does not.