Perform a Mail Merge

It’s such a hassle to create a Mail Merge from within Microsoft Word. In Outlook 2000 you can create a group of Contacts that you wish to include in a mail shot.

Step by Step

  1. Create the group of Contacts using filter criteria.
  2. From the Menu bar, select Tools and click Mail Merge.
  3. Select the options available according to your requirements. Click OK.
  4. Microsoft Word will open allowing you to type a letter.
  5. Click Insert Merge field to select the field to be merged from the database.
  6. Once you have completed the letter, Select Mail Merge from the Tools menu.
  7. Click the Merge button from the Mail Merge helper screen.
  8. Click Merge from the Merge dialog box.
  9. Word will now show all the merged data in individual letters.