Record File Outside Outlook

You can record any file to the Journal, even if the file is not a Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office document e.g. you can add a file to your Journal entry that was created with a graphics application.

Step by Step

  1. Click View, Folder List. The Folder List appears.
  2. Click and drag the Journal icon onto the Outlook Bar. A shortcut to the Journal is created and placed on the Outlook Bar.
  3. Click Other Shortcuts. A different list of shortcuts appears.
  4. Click My Computer. In the Folder list, click the directory containing the file you want to add to your Journal. The contents of that directory appears.
  5. Select the file you want to add to the Journal in the list of files.
  6. Click Outlook Shortcuts. The Outlook Shortcuts list reappears.
  7. Click and drag the file you want to add to your Journal from the file list to Journal in Outlook Shortcuts. A new Journal Entry form opens wiht the file attached.
  8. Choose Save and Close. The Journal entry with the file attached is now added to your Outlook Journal.