Recording Entry Manually

You can record items in the Journal manually using existing items such as e-mail messages. For example, you might add an e-mail message to the Journal that is not normally recorded.

Step by Step

  1. In the Inbox folder (or any other folder in Outlook), select the item you want to record in the Journal and drag it onto the Journal folder icon in the Folder List (or drag it onto the Journal folder icon on the Outlook bar).
  2. The Information in the Subject, Entry Type, Contact and Company Boxes and some other information is entered for you from the selected task, contact, or other selected item. You can change any of the statistics you want by entering new information into the following text boxes.
    • Subject displays the title or name of the Journal item.
    • Entry Type describes the item based on its point of origin, such as a Word document, appointment etc.
    • Company lists the company or companies associated with the contacts.
    • Start Time displays the date and time of the meeting, appointment, or other item.
    • Start Timer records the time that passes until you click the Pause Timer button.
    • Pause Timer stops the timer.
    • Duration displays a shortcut to the item you originally dragged onto the Journal icon to create a new entry (e.g. Calendar appointment, a contact or message). You can open the item by double clicking the shortcut icon.
    • Contacts lists the name(s) of any attendees, contacts or other people involved with the selected item.
    • Categories enter or select a category that you want to assign to the Journal entry
  3. Click Save and Close to complete the Journal entry.