Managing the Inbox

With many contact lists, several e-mail addresses and newletters from web-based vendors, you'll soon find your inbox full of e-mails. Oulook offers numerous ways to alleviate this problem, including views, filters and folders, but the simpliest method may be to sort the messages into order by table heading.

Step by Step

  1. Click the header to sort in ascending order.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks : Managing the Inbox
  2. Click the same header again to reverse the sequence ie descending order.
  3. Hold down the Shift, and click another field for a second level of sort eg subject to sort by topic within sender.
  4. You can choose the sort sequence by right clicking the header. This menu also provides you with the option to group message by any field. Outlook will ignore the RE and FW prefixes in the subject field when sorting.
    Outlook Tips & Tricks : Managing the Inbox

To choose a new view:

  1. Select View from the menu bar and then Current View. Click on any one of the views offered eg Last Seven Days.
  2. Click on the + to expand the group and - to collapse the group.