Using Outlook with Skype and Skylook
If you're a Skype user and maintain your contacts in Outlook, either in your Personal Contacts folder or a Public Contacts folder, Skylook is the perfect add-in for Outlook. Skylook allows you to make Skype calls directly from your Outlook contacts and record the conversations, chat and SMS messages automatically. Download the Article in PDF Format
A product that is currently revolutionising the telephony industry today is Skype™. Skype is a free Voice over IP service that allows the user to make telephone calls to either other Skype users (which are free calls), or to non-Skype users on conventional land-lines/ mobile telephones using their SkypeOut facility. SkypeOut calls, while not free, are substantially less than the cost of making the equivalent international call via your standard long-distance carrier.

Skylook is an add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®, that allows you to control Skype directly from within Outlook. You can make Skype IP telephony calls, SkypeOut Skype calls to non-Skype users, and start Skype Instant Messenger chats directly from your contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

Download a trial version of Skylook.